I compete on a daily basis with other real estate agents who simply can't match the dedication, experience and knowledge I bring to the table. I utilize nearly 20 years experience in the real estate industry & nearly $500,000,000 in sales to represent my sellers best interest.

I am a Real Estate Agent who will:

  1. Hold multiple open-houses.

  2. Return calls to agents interested in showing your home immediately.

  3. Advertise your home intelligently to attract real buyers.

  4. Do pricing and competitive research to help you get the most your home is worth.

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"I would highly recommend Stephen to anyone looking to sell their home in this area. He was super knowledgeable about the buying/selling market in our area, the listing/showing process, and the closing process. He was extremely honest and never got our "hope up" that we had a potential buyer unless he really thought an offer would be made. He worked with us hand in hand to ensure the closing process would go as smooth as possible. Stephen is awesome and if I were to sell a home in the area again, I would not consider listing with anyone else!"

- Cathy & Phil Stiller